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10 years focus on MCPCB board, authoritative system certification, green pioneer, efficient production, service first.

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10 years focus on MCPB board, authoritative system certification, green pioneer, efficient production, service first.
  • Time limitation guarantee

    Time limitation guarantee

    Convenient order, quick shipment

    ERP system order, production progress query, logistics tracking and a series of advanced services, automatic production line to ensure the delivery time.
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    Certified sheet, light burst process

    Adopt internationally renowned UL certified sulfur free halogen free environmental protection material, sheet pressure AC3000V above, high reflectivity ink, full exposure process.
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    Service guarantee

    All day technical support, one-stop service

    Can undertake laser steel mesh, sample small batch of LED patch business, free from all around the tedious channel, one-stop service saves you heart and labor.

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LED lighting aluminum based PCB industry suppliers

Shenzhen Mei lett Technology Co., Ltd.

Located near the beautiful and rich Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Baoan airport, the traffic is convenient. It is a high-tech enterprise which is specialized in the design, production and sale of single, double and LED Metal Based PCB by IS09001:2008 international quality management system.

The company has more than 100 people, the annual production line board 100 thousand square meters, the company has a complete line board production professional team, a number of senior engineers and professional management personnel, with the domestic leading automatic production equipment, precision testing equipment, industry leading research and development technology and strict quality management system, public The Division has independent R & D, design and copy board capabilities.

秒速时时彩 At the same time, the company also has independent intellectual property rights of all kinds of high-performance, high thermal conductivity aluminum, copper substrate design, production experience, to provide customers with satisfactory services. Metal Based PCB has excellent thermal conductivity, good mechanical properties and strength, good electromagnetic shielding performance and good magnetic performance...



10 years of focus on the development and manufacture of metal PCB


1.要设置为跳线的组件类型。 在版本高一些的AD中,菜单包括一个新的跳线子菜单,允许对跳线组件的显示进行控制。且在网表弹出菜单(n快捷方式)中,包括用于控制跳线连接线的显示的选项。例如以0.1英寸(100毫秒)的增量来设计。 1.创建单个跳线组件,然后添加您需要的所有不同长度跳线示意图。 一旦创建了符号, 一旦设计好了跳线器,就可以把它们中的一些放到原理图...

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